If you love food, you will love this month’s newsletter! We are sharing everything about our favourite Spanish dishes, from recipe tips to the best restaurants. Apart from numerous top chefs, such as Ferran Adrià, Spanish cuisine is known for its variety and richness in natural ingredients. Every region has its own specialties, resources and traditions. Are you ready to cross the country and get a taste of the purest Spanish gastronomy? Can you guess what Anna’s, Marjolein’s and Sandra’s favourite dishes are? Have a look!

#1 Sandra

“My favourite dish is without doubt gazpacho, especially during the summer times. It may sound simple, but it’s definitely not as easy to prepare as many people think!”

Gazpacho is one of the most popular dishes from Spain, where it is mostly known as a refreshment in the hot and dry summers that are typical in southern cities, such as Seville, Malaga and Marbella. Apart from being a remedy for the heat, this cold soup is also extremely nourishing. Its base ingredients include olive oil, vinegar and raw vegetables, such as tomato, bell peppers, cucumber, onion and garlic. Depending on the chef, there are many variations on the traditional recipe. One of the best gazpachos of Spain can be found at Eslava restaurant in Seville, at the top of Sandra’s wish list 😉

#2 Marjolein

“I’m a big fan of pintxos, not just because they come in so many different shapes and tastes, but also because of the traditions that evolve around them.”

The pintxo is commonly associated with Basque cuisine and consists of a piece of bread with different ingredients on top of it, which come in a great variety, including fish, vegetables and meat, among others. Pintxos are usually eaten as an appetizer, accompanied by a glass of wine or beer. It is very typical to have pintxos with friends, going from bar to bar and enjoy good food in good company. Pintxos bars can be found in many Spanish cities, but for the best pintxos you have to be in the old towns of Bilbao and San Sebastián.

#3 Anna

“Esqueixada is a typical Catalan dish prepared with a great variety of ingredients. It’s healthy, easy to prepare and, above all, delicious.”

Esqueixada is a salad made with shredded salt cod, olive oil and various vegetables, such as tomato, onion and bell peppers. Other ingredients, for example olives and hard-boiled eggs, can be added for a special touch. The cod has to be shredded manually for it to achieve the correct texture, which explains the name of the dish: ‘esqueixada’ comes from the Catalan verb ‘esqueixar’, which means ‘to shred’. Just like gazpacho, esqueixada is a fresh dish that is especially attractive during summer, but its nourishing properties make it a popular meal all year long.

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